» I can't comprehend how time works

I am so confused?! That was me last year and the year before? How??

sweaty and sunburned selfies because i can and it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted my face the last time

in a couple days it will be two years i don’t cut my hair. 

serving you some party time face cake. 

Anonymous whispered: how does your brother look like now?

this is the most recent pic of his i have, so he looks like that..

but less dumb usually

ignore the sick face..but look at what fancy ass tissues i got myself

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so i was bored..and then this happened.

it almost one i am and i decided to start packing/re-organize my wardrobe.

where is my medal for extreme intelligence pls

look at my mug pls aosigjsd

i don’t need no intervention

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