issac looks at everybody like they have rainbows and sunshine coming out of their mouths.

You definitely delivered the best female performance out of any movie I’ve seen this year, by far. (x)

Got lucky enough for him to introduce me to his father. He’s a really genuine guy, and super goofy, as well as an amazingly talented actor.


Teen Wolf AU » Sara Cannig as Stiles Mom

“I once asked her why she liked recording things so much. She said that memories are just too important. That one day, when I’d be grown up, I’ll look at those records and just smile and remember, because by that time she’d may be already gone. You know what I did? I laughed. I laughed because I thought I’d have ridiculously much time until that’d happen.”

Thanks, Dean. This is great.


they don’t know it yet… but this battle will be one of their favorite memories when they finally go to heaven together