everyone has it
                                                  ʇı ǝsoן uɐɔ ǝuo ou ʇnq
i don’t know how i could be so stupid.

"Hey, Fiona? I’m gay."
"I know."
"I should have told you a long time ago, I don’t know why I didn’t."
"You’re still on my shit list."



“But you’re not fat, don’t say that,” he responded.

Tell that to the hips that got caught in a turnstile yesterday and everyday that she forgets to turn sideways. Tell that to the stores that stop at size 12 (or size 10 if she wanted to look her age). Tell that to the small woman rolling her eyes beside me on the subway as my booty spills over into her seat. Tell that to the holes my inner thighs have rubbed into every pair of jeans I own. Tell that to the rolls on my back & the crevices in my ass.

Tell that to the silence at the end of your sentence that should say “because fat people are ugly, because if I think you’re attractive you can’t be fat because I’m saving fat to degrade a woman two sizes smaller than you but with a flatter chest & a spare tire. Because you’re not fat is a compliment even when it’s not true because what I’m really saying is you don’t repulse me the way fat people are supposed to repulse me. Because I get final say on your body, not you & I’m giving you a pass for the same dimpled ass I laughed at on another woman yesterday because your waistline is smaller than hers and a normal woman would just be happy with that.”

- On Being A Fat Girl  (via misscreaturefeature)

This is my life is a story.

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"Very helpful, Isaac"

Well he can read now! Isaac has the best comebacks. He learn from his alpha.

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people losing their shit bc of stisaac

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